Camp Structure


You can expect your camper to be exposed to not just playing defense for his favorite position, but also learning the defensive aspects of all nine positions on the field. A player that has the capability to defend at multiple positions increases his value to high school, college, and professional coaches and scouts.


One of the most important aspects of the game has got to be the ability to not only hit the ball, but to hit the ball with power. Our unique hitting drills are second to none. You can’t find better instruction for hitting technique in the area. Hitting is a passion to Grip-N-Rip Baseball.


We will teach your ball player step by step technique on how to command the mound. The exercises that we preach will not only teach proper mechanics and increase velocity, they will also teach safe practices and preserve your player’s arm.


This has got to be one of our camper favorite sections. Core workouts, explosion techniques, and quick feet drills train our campers to be the ultimate baseball athlete. Our workouts are beneficial at all levels, from camper to professional.  

live game simulation

We can guarantee that players love to do one thing. That is to play the game of baseball. We make that happen here at Grip-N-Rip. Live game simulation, player pitch at bats, and live scrimmages are incorporated with our outdoor camps. Click here to see campers enjoying our  Grip-N-Rip Summer Baseball Camps!



REGISTRATION now open. ONLy 48 spots available.