Player / Sponsor Dues

2019 GRBL Season IV - Player Dues

- Only for players selected for Season IV of the GRBL 

- $275 payment satisfies full league dues

- Discount code to be applied at checkout for returning GRBL players

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2019 GRBL Season IV - Sponsored Player

- Sponsors can be a business or individual(s)

- Sponsors name highlighted on their chosen player's jumbotron profile (Each at-bat, pitching appearance) 

- Each sponsor to receive 5 FREE tickets to any 2019 GRBL games excluding Opening Day and Championship Game

- Sponsors to be mentioned on social media as well as included on family sponsorship list that will be shown each game (27 games total)

- Commercial submission of business (30 secs Max) to be aired on our live stream service

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2019 GRBL Season IV - Season Pass

-Purchase the GRBL Season IV Season Pass to have access to ALL of the games offered this season

- Includes entry into Opening Day, Season, Playoff, and Championship games

- Over 45% in savings!

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